BiG’s Mission statement

To be an inspirational organisation in empowering today’s young people to be positive and successful citizens respecting themselves and others!!!

I am Lionel Best trading under BiG (Besty’s Inspirational Guidance) and I am passionate about and committed to helping young people get the best possible start in life. At the same time, I will address universal problems and meet common goals in supporting vulnerable young people achieve, especially those with a range of behaviour needs.

BiG which is a credible organisation with public liability insurance has been trading since 2011 and has proved to be an inspiration to the youth empowering young people to feel more positive about themselves, and to want to succeed and enjoy developing. BiG develops and delivers a number of motivational programmes using educational and sporting activities that are focused at raising young people’s self-esteem while learning and all of BiG programmes are led by FA qualified coaches and / or professionals and are organised efficiently carrying out risk assessments and satisfying all necessary legal requirements.

BiG has developed its portfolio over the last 3 years adding a number of new key programmes to help fulfil its mission, including delivering Sports Leader UK courses in schools and to young men and women. Sports Leaders UK. is a charity delivering sports leadership awards and qualifications to nearly 160,000 people a year and acts as an Awarding Organisation providing nationally recognised qualifications. It is now extending the reach of the awards and qualifications by investing directly in community delivery of sports leadership.

BiG also hosts fun football birthday parties for both boys and girls which involves structured coaching sessions and fun football games developing.

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quote open“It was a football themed party attended by both girls and boys and was organised by BiG Besty’s Inspirational Guidance the coach was Lionel Best. This was the first football themed party that my son had attended and in his own words he thought it was “Great”.
As a parent I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him interact with others and have the confidence to play a sport that he is not all that interested in normally.
I felt that it also promoted team spirit and working with others both skills that he will require in later work life, he also had a great workout as did the other children, judging by the amount of water that they drank and the sweat on their faces, but like my son they all seemed to be having a great time.”

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