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quote openAt Lionel’s Saturday training sessions I have learned to always be positive in football and in life. Lionel has taught me a lot through these sessions. He has helped my speed of thought during a football match as well as how important doing the smallest things can help on the football pitch and in life.
Lionel’s training sessions helped me with making sure all details in passes, first touch and off the ball movement are sharper than my opponent. Lionel always made sure everyone that came to his Saturday sessions showed up earlier than the scheduled start time. This would enable us to do a good warm up and also become responsible for ourselves in preparation for the sessions. He would always push all the players that came to his sessions because he sees potential in us. That is the reason why he invites us to the sessions because he wants us to keep on track with football and he always reminds us not to kid ourselves which means go for everything at your best because when you kid yourself you’re never giving 100%. In life and in football Lionel always wants us to give 100%.
Darnelquote openl Austin
quote openI really enjoyed Saturday morning training sessions with Lionel especially the technical work. It was tough, but Lionel made it fun! It helped me improve on my technical skills and taught me how to get in the right mind-set for when I’ve got a match.
Lionel’s Saturday morning sessions really paid off for me because now I’m playing for AFC Wimbledon Academy.
Thanks Lionel, you’re the best!
Liaquote openm Gordon
quote openAlthough Lionel’s Saturday sessions were very early on a Saturday morning, Liam always looked forward to them and was eager to go come rain or shine. Liam always talked about the sessions and the new skills he had learnt. It wasn’t only about football though, Lionel was also a very good mentor and gave the boys invaluable advice about how to carry themselves as young men in all situations both on and off the pitch. I could see positive changes in Liam which I know for sure were a direct result of Lionel’s advice and mentoring.
Thank you Lionel!
Sharron Gordon, Liamquote open’s mum
quote openI think Lionel’s training is good because it helps you to develop some skills that you wanted to have last season or wasn’t quite sure how to do also it can make you gain fitness and strength so when you go back to training you can be one step ahead than everybody else but the thing I like most is we have fun while doing hard work and fitness and because we have fun we don’t notice the hard work we put in and the atmosphere isn’t tense so when you make a mistake you’re getting supported and encouraged 24/7.
Kierquote openan Rhule
quote openLionel is a great coach. Every player he coaches he tries to make them grow to their full potential. He motivates them to do their best and also trains them hard to help them improve. Lionel always tries to take training sessions as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if the weather is really bad or he doesn’t have much free time, he will still make the effort to try and coach you and to make you a better player and person.
Ashan quote openShepherd
quote openLionel has supported my son’s football development since the age of 10, and he is now 13. Lionel has worked with my son – Ashan at a school level, managing and coaching. He has also given up his own time to develop Ashan’s football ability whilst at Crystal Palace and AFC Wimbledon.
Lionel has incredible enthusiasm that rubs off on the boys. The children are motivated to learn and improve their football development. Lionel encourages excellence, motivation, confidence and enjoyment, skills which are important in all walks of life. His coaching knowledge and skills are respected by us as parents and also the children.
Ashan has taken part in Lionel’s holiday football programme and really enjoyed it. The programme was for children of a range of ages and abilities, which Lionel was able integrate perfectly.
Without Lionel, I honestly don’t think that my son Ashan would have progressed so much and benefitted from the range of experiences that football has given him. I also have to say that Lionel has also supported my daughter and as the only girl in the school year six football team, she grew in confidence and technical ability and I was proud to see her playing alongside the boys on an equal level.
David Shepherd, Ashanquote open’s dad
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