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General FAQs

Are all BiG officials CRB checked?
BiG officials are either CRB checked or a separate Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) Children’s List check has been conducted where a CRB has been applied for but not returned by the start date of BiG services. BiG always work within its Safeguarding Children Policy and is guided by its Safeguarding Children liaison for the Borough it is delivering services in.

Are there qualified First Aiders onsite where BiG officials are delivering its services?
Yes there will always be a qualified First Aider for every programme delivered by BiG at the premises where services are provided

My child is not very good at football. Does that matter and can he/she still participate?
No, that does not matter. All programmes delivered by BiG emphasises more on team and group work that will encourage the improvement of football technical ability so children will enjoy developing their football skills in a safe environment without feeling vulnerable.

How many children are included in each programme provided by BiG? Is there a limit?
In line with the adult to child ratio guidelines, there will be no more than 20 children enrolled onto any one of BiG’s programmes.

If my child is exposed to other children who have a range of behaviour issues on any of BiG’s programmes, will that not increase their chances to misbehave or even become more badly behaved?
No, the programme is aimed at encouraging positive and acceptable behaviour by all those involved in BiG programmes. Both participants and officials have to sign up to BiG’s code of conducts and if anybody seriously breaches BiG policies and procedures, they will be excluded from the programme in question.

How can I be sure that my child / children will be safe at your programmes?
A risk assessment is conducted at every venue before the service commences and BiG works in collaboration with its venue contact to ensure the smooth and safe running of its services

Where do you provide BiG services? What geographical areas and venues?
BiG’s aim is to reach out to the community so will deliver its services across various boroughs using different credible venues.

SHOCK Programme

How long do SHOCK programmes last?
Programmes can be varied to meet customer need but a typical SHOCK programme has been designed for 12 weeks which I believe is a good time frame to earn the trust of young people and measure whether the programme objectives have been met.

At what time of day do they take place? Will the children be able to attend school and still participate in the programme?
The time of the day will depend on the customer as SHOCK can be justified as part of, or contributing to the national curriculum e.g. Personal, Health, Social, Citizens, Education (PHSCE) or Social and Emotional Aspect of Learning (SEAL). Equally, it can form part of an after school activity.

Is the programme just about playing football?
No. Although SHOCK involves fun and learning football activities, football is only part of the programme.

Is one-to-one coaching provided?
One-to-one mentoring is provided which involves coaching on life issues as well as football.

Is any of the programme modules classroom based?
Yes. Part of the programme will be delivered through interactive activities in the classroom. During interactive activities, young people will participate in group team building sessions and engage in group exercises and discussions. Young people will also benefit from listening to inspirational speakers and positive role models including football personalities and other sports and entertainment professionals.

Are your programmes tailored to individual children and their needs?
Yes. The programme model is the same, but activities and the delivery will be tailored to best suit the audience and meet the group’s and individuals needs

What modules make up a typical SHOCK programme?
2 modules make up the SHOCK programme – interactive workshops which is classroom based and will develop young people’s verbal and written communication and presentation skills, interpersonal, people and team working skills, problem solving skills, and mental maths ability; and football coaching activities which will develop a range of different football techniques and skills as well as general understanding of the principle of football (attack and defence) through fun football drills and games and small sided matches

Do you accept children who have been in trouble with the authorities or who already have a criminal conviction?
The programme could offer big benefits to those who have been in trouble with the authorities or have a criminal conviction. The programme includes role models and inspirational speakers delivering positive messages including those who may have had ‘brushes with the law’.

How much do your programmes cost?
The programmes cost are proportionate and daily rates work out at around £500.

BiG Holiday Football Programme

Have you previously delivered holiday football programmes?
Yes. The first BiG holiday football programme was delivered in August 2011. Pictures, video clips and testimonials are available on the website

What do others think of holiday football programmes that you have run?
Parents and those participated in the summer holiday football programme were asked to complete ‘happy sheets’ to feedback their experience. Feedback was very positive with all participates stated that they would attend future BiG programmes and parents were more than happy to send their kids again.

Can girls participate in your holiday football programmes?
Yes absolutely! BiG promotes and stands by its Equal Opportunity policy and opens up its services to all young people regardless of gender, race and disability.

Do your football programmes run all day?
Following feedback, I will now run the BiG football programmes between four and five hours per day which will include a ‘packed’ lunch break (participants to provide packed lunch)

At what time of day do they take place?
BiG football programmes will run between 10am and 3pm

Do parents / carers need to be present throughout the programme?
No. But where children are being collected, parents / carers are advised to arrive at venues 15 minutes before the end of sessions. If children are collected more than 30 minutes late, additional costs will be levied.

What types of activities will the children engage in during your programme?
Football match related games, technical skills development, fun warm-up and agility activities.

Are your sessions tailored to children’s individual needs and their ability levels?
Yes. The training programme is the same for all ages and ability levels, but the sessions are delivered in a way that will best suit the audience which will meet group and individual needs

How much are your Holiday programmes?
The programme cost is £10 per day and if your child is enrolled for calendar weeks (where possible) there is a £5 discount (£45 per calendar week).

Do you offer family discounts if I want to enrol more than one child onto your programme?
We offer a family package if you have more than one child enrolled onto weekly programmes. There is an additional £10 discount on top of weekly discounts for each additional child.

What does the charge include?
Quality and fun coaching by FA qualified coaches in a happy and safe environment. All participants will receive a BiG participation certificate and medal. On the last day of the programme, a presentation ceremony will also take place.

How can I register my child / children onto one of your Holiday Programmes?
Simply complete the BiG Holiday Football Programme Registration Form and return it with payment to Lionel Best (details at the end of the form).

BiG football birthday parties

What ages to you cater for?
We cater for any child who will be between the ages of 5 and 15 years of age

Do you hold football birthday parties for both boys and girls?
Yes absolutely! BiG promotes and stands by its Equal Opportunity policy and opens up its services to all young people regardless of gender, race and disability.

Do you host parties just at weekends?
No. However, the reality is that in school term most parties will be at weekends as it may not be convenient for children and parents during the week. In school holiday time, I am available to host parties on week days.

Do your services cover sending out invites and managing the responses?
My core services do not cover sending out invites and managing the responses therefore this service is not included in my costs. However, for an additional £30, I can provide this service for you.

Do you provide a birthday cake?
No. Parents / carers are responsible for a cake and refreshments on the day.

How long are your football birthday parties?
2 hours including the presentation ceremony.

How much do you charge?
£12 per head. However, if there are more than 10 children, the cost will be £10 for every child over the ‘10 children’ threshold

What does the charge include?
Quality and fun football activities that includes match related and other football games and technical skills sessions delivered by a FA qualified football coach. Attendance BiG certificates will be presented to all guests and a BiG medal to the birthday boy / girl at a presentation ceremony.

Does a consenting adult need to be present at all times?
Yes. There needs to be at least one responsible adult for the party present for the duration of the party who does not have to be the parent / carer of the birthday boy / girl.

Do all parents need to be present during the party?
No. Just one responsible adult for the party will do. However, there will be a presentation ceremony to end the party so parents / carers are encouraged to be present if possible to join in the celebrations as the children receive their certificates.

How can I book BiG to host my child’s football birthday party?
Simply complete the booking form BiG football birthday party booking form and return it with a deposit payment to Lionel Best (details at the end of the form).

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