quote openThe BiG activities that I witnessed at Dulwich Hamlet FC clearly testified to the inspirational methods used to deliver a serious message of basic education, keep fit, sports skills, team working and amazing opportunities to boys and girls in a popular activity such as football. It was clear from the large numbers of parents and their children present that there is a demand for and support of this new and exciting organisation.
Councillor, Dora Dixon-quote openFyle MBE
quote openMay I take this opportunity to thank Lionel for a wonderful day. Frazer and Edzon had an amazing experience as team mascots. Due to Ed’s disabilities, it’s difficult for them to do things together, especially when your big brother’s passion is football….being in a wheelchair is quite restrictive, and all Ed can usually do is watch from the sidelines! This was not the case at Dulwich. Ed got to be on the pitch, be a mascot and join in the training session beforehand too. It was a very memorable day, for a very worthy cause, and it was especially accessible and inclusive for Ed. Thank you so much for letting us be part of this magical experience.
Niquote openkki Hunt
quote openJust want to say how I enjoyed the day organised by Lionel Best and BiG. It was good to catch up old faces and to see the good work Lionel and BiG are doing for the local community. I’m sure BiG will go from strength to strength and the kids from the local community will benefit from this.
Keviquote openn Fowler
quote openLionel Best, where do I start? I’ll just keep it short and simple. Today was an absolute success. Once again, thank you for getting Aaron involved and myself being a witness to the start of something great (BiG). Based on today’s turnout, you are truly an inspiration and have touched so many lives. I will always treasure the day Aaron met you. You really came down to his level and I saw a total / complete transformation. I am sure all the other boys can testify to that. I admire your humility, passion and zeal. BiG can only go from strength to strength and I’m looking forward to next year!
quote openAnnalisa
quote openHuge thanks to Lionel Best for his BIG charity game today. Getting to see legends like Lee Akers, Francis Duku, Hedman, Hewitt etc was amazing. All for a great cause, man, even Carl Richards at 56 was kitted up. The jerk chicken was tremendous too, in the blazing sunshine. And, once again, the old warrior Shaun Dooley turned in a performance. Thanks to everyone involved, I’m sure that includes Mishi Morath and Liam Hickey Shaun Dooley.
Christquote openian Burt
quote openLionel Best Lee Akers Kevin Fowler Grant Watts good seeing some of the old players today at dulwich! Well done everyone!
Garquote openy Hewitt
quote openGreat day down Dulwich hamlet, rolling back the years and good to see all the faces, well done Lionel Best, great show, can hardly walk today but well worth it for the memories and the kids loved it as mascots. Let’s do it again in another 20 years!!!!
Lenniequote open OConnor
quote openIt was a fantastic event. Myself and Elliot really enjoyed it. A big pat on the back for organising it Lionel.
Stíofaínín Ní Dquote openáibhís
quote openWell done Lionel, they were all very excited telling their Dad all about it today and showing off their t-shirts. brilliantly organised, congratulations on such a successful day!
quote openSusanna
quote openAs a participant in the main adult game, it was really pleasing to attend early in the day to watch the u12s play and reflect on how the youngsters have the same love and passion, commitment and enthusiasm that bridges age, background and other differences. The whole day was influential reminder how sport unites, yet you need organisation and structure, BiG provided it!
Wesquote openley Reid
quote openI thought it was really fun being a mascot, we got to walk on the pitch with everyone watching. I went on with the keeper, he was really friendly. It was great fun passing with the players, I’m not brilliant at football but it really made me feel like I could play. Afterwards I met the Mayor, I felt really lucky to meet her and shake her hand. I loved every bit of the day. quote openImogen .
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